The Seminole Beer Trail is a self-guided tour of the 9 breweries that are found along Route 29. Characterized by rolling hills and numerous ridges near the boundary with the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Seminole Trail provides easy access to each of the breweries, stretching from Madison County to Prince William County. Whether you’re looking for something traditional and familiar, or something a bit more unique and hard to find, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for on the Seminole beer Trail.

The Seminole Beer Trial is the perfect way to find all of the local Virginia breweries when traveling to and from Charlottesville and D.C. From taprooms and beer gardens, to farm breweries and brewpubs, there is plenty to see, do, experience, and taste on the Seminole Beer Trail. Take a look at our interactive map and create your own personalized route to easily explore all that the trail has to offer.

The Seminole Beer Trail takes its name from VA Route 29, the road that follows the path of the trail. The road was named the Seminole Trail by an act of the Virginia General Assembly on February 16, 1928 and is believed to have originated as part of an effort to promote the road as a through-route to Florida, home of the Native American Seminole tribe. Today, VA 29 boasts dozens of breweries and at least three different beer trails including the Blue Ridge Beer Trail, the Seminole Beer Trail and the Beltway Beer Trail.